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Working in the non-profit sector. Currently splitting my time between the great cities of Toronto & Calgary. Views and tweets are my own.

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I'd like to help make Kate Graham the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. To do so, I'm running to be one of the 16 delegates elected in Spadina—Fork York.

There are three things you can do right now to help Kate become the next Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

1. Donate to help cover the travel and accommodation costs of delegates participating in the convention (button is below). Funds raised will be pooled and allocated to delegates to help lower the financial barriers to participating in the convention.

2. Let us know you are supporting Kate! If you are a member of the Ontario Liberal Party, let the campaign know you are supporting Kate.

3. RSVP for the Leadership Election Meeting! If you will be voting in the Spadina—Fork York leadership election meeting, let the campaign know you will be attending.

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published Becoming a Riding Captain in Delegate U 2019-12-08 14:31:28 -0500

Becoming a Riding Captain


Becoming a Riding Captain means that you will be the campaign's lead organizer in your (or a given) provincial riding. You will be tasked with organizing campaign volunteers to engage Ontario Liberal Party members in advance of Local Election Meetings (LEMs) held in February, and help equip local Kate delegate candidates in running successful nomination campaigns. 

Riding Captains will also serve as the lead ambassador for the campaign in their selected riding, and will be responsible for tracking issues and maintaining key local relationships on behalf of the central campaign. While not all delegate candidates must serve as Riding Captains, all Riding Captains must be delegate candidates. 

Below is an outline of roles and responsibilities associated with being a Riding Captain. 


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published Organizing for Kate in Events 2019-10-23 18:55:46 -0400

Organize an Event to Support Kate

Change starts when people gather to discuss the issues impacting their communities. Organizing and event for Kate is a great and simple way to contribute to the grassroots movement we are building to renew the Ontario Liberal Party, and ultimately Ontario politics. 

Sign up to host a coffee party, potluck, houseparty or pubnight in support of Kate.

Never hosted an event before? No problem, we have you covered! Our team can provide you with the necessary resources that will ensure your party is a success. If you have any questions contact [email protected]


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