As Liberal Leader, Kate Graham would make Ontario a better place to live and work for the Franco-Ontarian community

January 14, Toronto, ONTARIO – Liberal Leadership candidate Kate Graham released her Franco-Ontarian strategy today, outlining a vision for better French language services and increased collaboration with Ontario’s Francophone community. More than 744,000 Francophones live in Ontario, making the province home to the largest Francophone community in North America outside of Quebec.

Graham’s Franco-Ontarian strategy includes modernizing the French Languages Services Act, expanding access to French-language health care, tripling the Francophone Community Grant Program, and creating new Francophone licensed child care spaces to meet the growing needs of Franco-Ontarian families.

“The Franco-Ontarian community is foundational to who we are as a province– they have been for four hundred years,” said Graham. “They make Ontario better. But now more than ever, Francophones need partners at Queen’s Park who are willing to make Ontario better for them.”

As part of her strategy, Graham has also committed to reversing decisions made by the current government that have hurt the Franco-Ontarian community. She will immediately re-establish the French Language Commissioner as an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly, and ensures provincial funding is in place for Ontario’s first Franco-Ontarian University.

“My vision for Ontario is one of well-being: providing equal opportunity for people to live healthy, productive lives,” said Graham. “Franco-Ontarians can only flourish when they have access to the services and supports they need, in the language they share.”

Quick Facts About the Kate Graham campaign:

  • Graham has raised over $170,000 from over 670 donors. In the past few weeks, she has traveled around the province in an electric car to personally knock on the doors of almost 300 Liberal members– and counting.
  • Graham’s policy vision is grounded in improving Ontarians' well-being. A focus on well-being has been championed by other progressive governments around the world, including New Zealand and Iceland, and
  • Graham wants to bring a made-in-Ontario approach to Queen's Park.
  • Graham has outlined four priority areas of well-being for her campaign: empowering Ontarians where they live, making life more affordable, creating better jobs, and making Ontario carbon-neutral.

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