Basic income

As Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, Kate Graham would push for the basic income pilot project to be restored immediately.

If you’re willing to stand with Kate and to stand for a more dignified, more empowering and more effective form of social assistance, please support Kate’s leadership campaign:

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In 2016, the Ontario government announced that it would fund a basic income pilot and asked former Conservative Senator, Hugh Segal, to advise the government on how to design and implement the pilot (read his recommendations). In 2017, the pilot was launched and by April 2018, all three pilot sites (Hamilton (as well as Brantford and Brant County), Thunder Bay and Lindsay) were fully enrolled.

Participants in the basic income pilot were to receive the following benefits for a three-year period:

  • $16,989 per year for a single person, less 50% of any earned income;
  • $24,027 per year for a couple, less 50% of any earned income.

Tragically, despite committing to continue the basic income pilot during the election, the Progressive Conservative government cancelled the pilot project, breaking faith with the thousands of participants who had enrolled in the pilot project. This is the kind of decision that erodes trust in government.

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