Becoming a Riding Captain


Becoming a Riding Captain means that you will be the campaign's lead organizer in your (or a given) provincial riding. You will be tasked with organizing campaign volunteers to engage Ontario Liberal Party members in advance of Local Election Meetings (LEMs) held in February, and help equip local Kate delegate candidates in running successful nomination campaigns. 

Riding Captains will also serve as the lead ambassador for the campaign in their selected riding, and will be responsible for tracking issues and maintaining key local relationships on behalf of the central campaign. While not all delegate candidates must serve as Riding Captains, all Riding Captains must be delegate candidates. 

Below is an outline of roles and responsibilities associated with being a Riding Captain. 


Summary of Roles & Responsibilities: 

Serving as a Riding Captain will involve five main areas of responsibilities. 

  1. Activate volunteers in your riding (or area if you are in charge of multiple ridings) by calling them and getting them involved in phone banking to party members, fundraising, and on-boarding delegates candidates in advance of the LEM, and those who are successful in getting elected as delegates. 
  2. Running and managing a regional calendar of events on behalf of the central campaign.
  3. Building and maintaining regional relationships with key stakeholders. 
  4. Tracking and sharing regional issues with the central campaign. 
  5. Building, recruiting, and engaging a strong community of campaign volunteers in your riding.


On-boarding for Riding Captains:

All Riding Captains will get: 

► Access to NationBuilder

► A riding Slack channel (optional)

► Access to the locked riding-captain channel on Slack

► A list of volunteers in their respective riding

► A list of Ontario Liberal Party members in their respective riding

Every week there will be a Riding Captain call where discussion will centre around successes, concerns, and lessons learned.  

All riding captains will also attend an initial on-boarding call where they will learn: 

  • How to use NationBuilder to track their volunteers 
  • How to use Slack for organizing purposes
  • How to set-up and use zoom for volunteer and delegate calls (along with recommended agenda for these calls)
  • How to coordinate with the campaign's Communications team and Kate’s schedule, etc.
  • Any best practice tips for organizing volunteers and delegates.



Becoming a Riding Captain is a key role to play in our mission to change Ontario politics. You will be helping the campaign directly engage with local communities in an effort to build ground up support for Kate and her vision for Ontario.

If you are interested in signing up to become a Riding Captain, or have any questions, we encourage you to contact [email protected].