Becoming carbon neutral

Emission reducing, job production is the key to the new global economy

Well-being requires an optimism for the future and a sense of bettering the conditions around us: in short, helping to create a world we want our kids (and their kids) to live in. To do this, our collective action on reducing carbon needs to match the scale of the climate crisis we are facing. It is not enough to champion “the green sector”: we need to support all of our sectors to become green.

In many sectors, Ontario performs quite well compared with our national (and international peers), with emissions falling steadily over the past few decades. Two sectors, however, have seen their emissions grow in Ontario by over 25% since 1990: transportation and buildings. These must be the focus of our climate change efforts.

The good news is that going carbon-neutral will be a boost for Ontario: this is where the global economy is going, and we will have the opportunity to be leaders in a multi-trillion dollar industry. Ontario has immense assets to bring to bear, from our manufacturing companies and infrastructure, to our autoworkers, to leading academic institutions.

Ontario can either shape the climate economy, or Ontario’s economy will be shaped by the climate: more floods, fewer jobs, and less financial stability. Transforming our economy to thrive in the new climate reality won’t just create economic growth, it will improve our quality of life. 

Our two metrics for success

GHG emissions from transportation: Transportation accounts for 35% of Ontario’s emissions; in 1990 it was 23%.

GHG emissions from buildings: Buildings account for 22% of Ontario’s emissions; in 1990 it was 16%.