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Former CBC News executive, producer and journalist, Now tennis player and media consultant

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I'd like to help make Kate Graham the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. To do so, I'm running to be one of the 16 delegates elected in Toronto—St. Paul's.

There are three things you can do right now to help Kate become the next Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

1. Donate to help cover the travel and accommodation costs of delegates participating in the convention (button is below). Funds raised will be pooled and allocated to delegates to help lower the financial barriers to participating in the convention.

2. Let us know you are supporting Kate! If you are a member of the Ontario Liberal Party, let the campaign know you are supporting Kate.

3. RSVP for the Leadership Election Meeting! If you will be voting in the Toronto—St. Paul's leadership election meeting, let the campaign know you will be attending.

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