Cross-Partisan Health plan

Kate's vision: We want every Ontarian to feel in control of their physical and mental health and well-being.

Ontario has one of the strongest healthcare systems in the world. Yet, there are still many Ontarians who can’t afford or don’t have access to what they need to be healthy.

The average Ontario family spends over $2,000 a year on healthcare and dental care, which puts stress on household finances. Even worse, many families go without health and dental care simply because they cannot afford it. That should not happen in Ontario.

We also cannot live meaningful, full lives unless we feel in control of our physical and mental health.

Ontarians know the Ford government has damaged Ontario’s health care system through short-sighted cuts to important programs. These include mental health care, cancer care, and long-term care.

Good ideas are good ideas

All major parties have ideas to genuinely improve healthcare in Ontario. Partisanship often means spending time arguing about whose solution is better, instead of working together to make things better.

Our plan borrows the best ideas from across the political spectrum, and adds a few of our own, to improve well-being through health.

Bring Universal Pharmacare to Ontario

In addition to providing support through a new Ontario Drug and Dental Program that covers a wide variety of drugs, we will adopt and implement the Ontario NDP’s 2018 'Pharmacare for Everyone' plan. This plan provides "universal coverage for approximately 125 essential medicines". This list will include essential drugs such as insulin, oral contraceptives, and antibiotics, to ensure that they are freely available.

Make Dental Care more Affordable

We would re-institute the cancelled Liberal Ontario Drug and Dental Program from Budget 2018. This program creates universal coverage by filling in the gaps from private insurance, and provides up to 80 per cent of eligible prescription drug and dental expenses, up to an annual maximum of $400 for singles and $600 for couples, plus $50 for each child in the family.

Increase Access to Safe Abortions

The Green Party of Ontario's 'Green Vision' advocated for "expanding the number of abortion clinics in Ontario, including in the north" noting that "all but one of Ontario’s clinics are situated in the GTA or Ottawa”.  

We’re making a commitment to work alongside front-line providers and advocacy organizations to improve access to contraceptives, counselling services and abortion services across Ontario, with a focus on expanding service in Northern and rural Ontario. Ontarians believe in a woman’s right to choose, but for many women, choices are restricted and limited. This needs to change. 

Get Seniors the Devices they need to Live Well

We will increase the funding of the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) by $50 million a year, which assists seniors and others with long term disabilities purchase mobility aids and other crucial healthcare devices. Increased ADP funding was a policy plank in the Ontario Progressive Conservative's "People's Guarantee".

Act Decisively on the Opioid Crisis 

We will support the establishment of new overdose prevention sites to municipalities who want them, and we will reverse Ford's cuts to municipal health agencies and provide an additional $100 million per year to help aid their efforts in fighting the opioid crisis and in flu prevention.

Make Menstrual Products More Accessible, Period. 

We will make menstrual products available for free in Ontario government buildings, as well as in Ontario colleges and universities. Many municipal governments have, or are planning on having, menstrual products freely available in municipal buildings such as arenas. We will institute a 50/50 cost sharing program with municipalities to aid in their efforts.

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