Raising money for the campaign 

One of the best ways you can support Kate is by helping fundraise for the campaign. Whether it’s $5 or $500, every donations help spark a change that will strengthen our democracy and rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party. Click here to view some tips and tricks. 

Raising money for yourself 

If you are elected as a delegate, you will need to register for and attend the Leadership Convention on March 6th and 7th. This will mean:

► Paying the registration fee of either $499 (regular) or $249 (youth/seniors)

► Getting to the convention in Mississauga

► Being at the convention for the entire day and evening on March 7, 2020 (March 6th in the afternoon is recommended but not mandatory as no voting will occur)

As a campaign we will support delegates to get to the convention. This will look like personalized fundraising pages to help you raise money from friends/family if needed, organizing ride sharing, and giving you the information you need to take off work or other commitments. We also expect to make some funds available and coordinate to support shared travel/accommodations/food for people.

How to ask for money 

Asking for donations is not easy. One sure thing is if you don't ask the answer is always no. Here are some tips and tricks sourced straight from TeamKate volunteers: 

A no is not fatal and no one has ever died from asking. Have a list of people you would like to ask. Remember, saying no only means you have to ask the next person on the list.

Tell your personal story and share your passion. Why did you get involved? What about this campaign made you tick?

Find a good story about Kate that spoke to you. A good story means you are half way there.

Remind people that they'll get the majority of their donation back in tax credits! After provincial tax credits, a $50 donation costs just $12.50. A $400 donation costs just $100.

Requesting a donation is like anything, it only gets easier with practice. Recruit a friend or family member to practice your pitch on.

Make a donation yourself, regardless of the amount, you can share that you have invested and done something you are asking from others.

After any donation send a thank you or acknowledgement appreciating the contribution. 

It's okay if someone isn't comfortable giving money. Invite them to participate in other ways, volunteering, joining a call or attending a meeting or rally.

Have a tip? Share it in the #fundraising Slack channel!

How to track fundraising on the website 

As a member of #TeamKate you already have a personalized link so you can get credit for all the fundraising you do. You can set a personal fundraising goal on by clicking on your Photo >  Settings > Enter a number in the box "I will commit to fundraising". Then view your public profile and click "donate on behalf of" to see your referral link. 

Here are detailed instructions.

► Step 1: If you haven't already, sign up at

► Step 2: Make your profile public! (Click on your photo > Settings > Uncheck the box that says "Don't publish my profile on the website")

► Step 3: Add a fundraising goal. (Click on your photo > Settings > Enter a number in the box "I will commit to fundraising")

► Step 4: Recruit donors! (Click on your photo > Public Profile > Donate on behalf of YOUR NAME) The generated page has a unique ID in it just for you. Share that link with your network to have their donations contribute to your fundraising goal.

Here's a video walk through of how to set it up:


This leaderboard tracks the top donor recruiters -- We want to see you on the top of the list!