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Help me become a delegate for Kate Graham!

Campaign Manager, Kate Graham for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. Serving a global network at Mozilla. Previously CEO and Co-Founder of Engineers Without Borders Canada (he/him).

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I'd like to help make Kate Graham the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. To do so, I'm running to be one of the 16 delegates elected in Toronto—Danforth.

There are three things you can do right now to help Kate become the next Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

1. Donate to help cover the travel and accommodation costs of delegates participating in the convention (button is below). Funds raised will be pooled and allocated to delegates to help lower the financial barriers to participating in the convention.

2. Let us know you are supporting Kate! If you are a member of the Ontario Liberal Party, let the campaign know you are supporting Kate.

3. RSVP for the Leadership Election Meeting! If you will be voting in the Toronto—Danforth leadership election meeting, let the campaign know you will be attending and supporting Kate.

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Why should I stand as a delegate candidate for Kate?


Kate is running for Liberal leader to revitalize Ontario's democracy starting with the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP): to change how we do politics in order to improve how we do government. For Kate this means:

► inviting people and communities into the political process and listening to them

► helping people believe in politics by connecting what they do in their community to what goes on in government, and

► tackling headlong the tough issues of our day with honesty.

This campaign is about helping people believe in politics again. And it's about revitalizing the OLP into an inclusive, exciting, appealing and powerful vehicle for political change; and to implement the bold, progressive policies that are needed to solve the immense challenges facing our party and our province.

Creating change is not just electing a new leader, it's fighting for new leadership.

That's why the most meaningful commitment you can make is to stand for election to become one of the 2,100 leaders who will become delegates to the OLP Leadership Convention in March 2020. Being one of those leaders is the best way to help Kate Graham change our party, change politics in Ontario, and make our amazing province even better.

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Become a Delegate Candidate for Kate

If you believe in Kate's vision for Ontario and revitalizing the Ontario Liberal Party, we want you to be a delegate for Kate!

What is a delegate?

Liberal Party members will elect delegates in each riding association, student club, and women’s club during Leadership Election Meetings on February 8th and 9th. Those elected will attend and vote to select the next leader at the convention on March 6-7, 2020 in Mississauga.

How do I become a delegate?
Fill out the form on this page and a member of Kate’s team will reach out to you shortly about next steps.

If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call 226-667-5228 ext. 105.

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