Get Involved - Quiz

Thank you so much for standing up to support Kate! Now we want to help you identify where your skills and interests can have the biggest impact. 

Here are few key roles we're looking to fill today. Let us know at the end of the survey, which one you're interested in! 

Delegates for Kate 😎

This is the number one most important way you can participate right now! If you’re someone who wants to mobilize, build, and represent Kate’s message within a riding - this role is for you! No experience required! Whether this is your first time getting politically involved or you’re experienced OLP member, we’ll provide you with training (Delegate University!) and a community to support you as you work towards election. Aspiring delegates will strengthen and build their ridings by recruiting new members, mobilizing around Kate, and soliciting donations. Successful delegates will stand for Kate at the OLP Leadership Convention in Mississauga.

Mobilization/ Event Hosts 🥳:

Event hosts are planners and social conveners. They run local gatherings where existing and potential members of the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) can engage in a conversation with Kate on the issues impacting themselves, the party, and the province. Successful events will generate meaningful discussion, inspire new members, and garner new donations for the campaign.

Recruiters & Fundraisers 🤩🤑

Kate has a vision of renewal and transformation for the Ontario Liberal Party. Recruiters & Fundraisers work to identify people who share Kate’s vision and are willing to become members of the party or donate to support that change. This group of go-getters may run events, leverage their networks, create written content and use their skills to support the goals of the campaign. 


Don’t see the perfect fit above? Let us know and we’ll reach out to help you find the place that's right for you.

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