Creating good, meaningful jobs

Ontarians’ quality of life is fundamentally shaped by the work we do and the conditions in which we do it: we need jobs that generate both wealth and meaning

A job is more than a source of income, it provides meaning and purpose to life. Wanting a steady job, but not having one, causes substantially reduced wellbeing and diminished mental health.

While Ontario’s unemployment rate is currently low, that does not tell the full story, as it does not include the far too many Ontarians who have given up looking for work due to a lack of jobs or structural barriers that prevent them from joining the workforce. At a regional level the Windsor, Peterborough, St. Catharines-Niagara and London areas have among the highest percentage of adults without a job of anywhere in Canada. Women in Ontario are far less likely to have a job than their counterparts in Quebec. Employment gaps persist for new Canadians, First Nations, and Ontarians with disabilities and too many others.

We need more good jobs, we need more of the right jobs, and we need more rewarding jobs. 

We need more good jobs: jobs that pay wages and benefits that can sustain a decent quality of life, that aren’t precarious, that allow for family planning and retirement planning. 

We need need more of the right jobs: jobs created to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world economy and rapidly developing tech, environmental, and manufacturing sectors. 

We need more rewarding jobs: jobs that people find fulfilling, challenging, and that develop their human potential.

Our two metrics for success

Employment: The employment rate (the percentage of the working-age population with a job) for each region of the province.

Job quality: Market income by quintile.