Donor Challenge Leaderboard

We need to send the Ontario Liberal Party another $25,000 in a few weeks to keep Kate in this leadership race.That's why by November 17th we're hoping to raise $18,000.

We need your help!

Can you chip in $5 (or more!) to Kate’s campaign today and help us reach our goal? Better yet, can you recruit 5 friends to each donate $5 (or more!) to Kate's campaign?

This leaderboard tracks the top donor recruiters -- folks who have tapped into their networks to bring support to this campaign. We want to see you on the top of the list!

Here are some instructions on how to succeed as a donor recruiter:

Step 1: If you haven't already, sign up at

Step 2: Make your profile public! (Click on your photo > Settings > Uncheck the box that says "Don't publich my profile on the website")

Step 3: Add a fundraising goal. (Click on your photo > Settings > Enter a number in the box "I will commit to fundraising")

Step 4: Recruit donors! (Click on your photo > Public Profile > Donate on behalf of YOUR NAME) The generated page has a unique ID in it just for you. Share that link with your network to have their donations contribute to your fundraising goal.


Thank you so much for joining us in the effort to create a Liberal party that works for all Ontarians and ensuring that each of us can live a happy, healthy life where we can achieve their big dreams.

Remember: After provincial tax credits, a $50 donation costs just $12.50. A $400 donation costs just $100. Only individuals normally resident in Ontario may contribute up to a maximum of $1,600 in 2019. Businesses and unions may not contribute. Read more about Elections Ontario rules for contributions.


of a $18,000.00 recruited donations goal

Top 10 Top Recruited Donations


$2,700.00 recruited donations


$2,300.00 recruited donations


$1,075.00 recruited donations


$640.00 recruited donations


$250.00 recruited donations


$150.00 recruited donations


$100.00 recruited donations


$100.00 recruited donations


$100.00 recruited donations


$100.00 recruited donations