This campaign is about helping people believe in politics again. And it's about revitalizing the OLP into an inclusive, exciting, appealing and powerful vehicle for political change; and to implement the bold, progressive policies that are needed to solve the immense challenges facing our party and our province.

That's why the most meaningful commitment you can make is to stand for election to become one of the 2,100 leaders who will become delegates to the OLP Leadership Convention in March 2020. As a delegate you will play a direct role in electing Kate as the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. 

Who You Can Recruit 

Anyone who is a member of the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) before 6pm EST on December 2nd, 2019 is eligible to vote for delegates leading up to leadership convention in March, 2020.

How to make the ask 

Asking someone to support you in your quest to become a delegate can seem like a big ask. Not to worry though, we have developed some tips and materials that can help you in the recruiting process. Click here to view them.

How to track on Nation Builder

NationBuilder is a great tool to track who your supporters are. It also helps the campaign keep track of who is supporting Kate. We've put together a quick tutorial on how to best use it. Click here to view.