Event Kit


Change starts when people gather to discuss the issues impacting their communities. Organizing an event for Kate is a fun and simple way to contribute to the grassroots movement to renew the Ontario Liberal Party, and ultimately Ontario politics. You don't need to wait to get started. This campaign starts with you and your ideas, grab some friends and start organizing today! 

Once you're ready to go - let us know what you're up to by registering your event with the campaign.

The objective of any event is to bring together existing and potential members of the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) to learn about Kate Graham and the issues impacting the party and the province. Events serve as a first point of contact with the campaign and are a great way to get others more involved and sell party memberships. The ultimate goal is to elect Kate as OLP Leader and these events are key steps in that direction!  

Below we've put together resources to help you host an event. If you want to follow your own format, feel free to do so! If you haven’t hosted an event before, or are new to politics, not to worry, below you'll find everything you need to get started!

Organizing for Kate – What you need to know

Never hosted an event before? New to politics? Not to worry! Below we discuss what an event is meant to achieve and why it is such an important part of our campaign to renew the Ontario Liberal Party.

What kind of event should it be?

  • As the host it is up to you to decide what kind of event you want to host. Think about the people around you and what kind of events they'd enjoy and attend. Coffee chats, pot-luck dinners, wine tasting or house parties are all great formats but you can create your own based on who is in your network and what feels authentic to you. 

Who can attend?

  • As the host of the coffee party, it is up to you to decide who can attend. Typically, these parties are attended by people you know, such as friends, family, neighbours, and fellow community members. Feel free to invite any one you'd like.
  • Event attendance can range from 3 or 4 people, to a larger gather of 20+ attendees. The amount of people attending your event is completely up to you.

Where are events hosted?

  • Events are usually hosted at someone’s home, but any venue that can accommodate a small gathering of people and is conducive to facilitating a conversation about Ontario politics will work as well.  

Why are events important?

  • Our goal is to build a grassroots movement that will help rejuvenate and rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party. This starts with having two-way conversations with members and potential members on the issues that impact them, the party, and the province.
  • Hosting an event is a great way to engage a new group of people, with the goal of having them join or simply support the movement we are building.

How will this contribute to Kate winning the OLP Leadership race?

  • To win this race, we need to sell party memberships, so we can send delegates to the leadership convention in March 2020. Events will give people a chance to learn about Kate and to build a relationship that can ultimately help the campaign gain support through the purchase of party memberships.

Will Kate attend my event?

  • We can't guarantee Kate will be part of every event but Kate is always on the road trying to meet as many people as possible. If you register your event with us we'll do what we can to arrange a virtual or in-person visit from Kate. 

What to do pre, during, and post event


  • Build a team! Hosting an event is more fun in a group. Whether it's recruiting a few friends to make snacks, or co-hosting a larger event, we recommend you work with others to achieve your goal. 
  • Choose a time & venue. 
  • Send out invites to anyone you want to attend. For your convenience, we have provided some sample invite copy in Appendix A of this document, but feel free to draft your own invites as well.  
  • Register your event here so we can support you! We will try and coordinate visits from Kate (either virtually or in-person) wherever possible. 

Day of Event

The day of your event has arrived. Here is a list of what you should do:

  • Prepare a few talking points on:
    * Why you are supporting Kate and why this leadership race is important to you. 
    * The key issues important to you and your community.
    * Key asks for your guests. These can vary on the context of your event, but can include joining the Ontario Liberal Party, donating to the campaign, or asking them to support you in your bid to become a delegate. 
  • If Kate is able to attend your event in person or via Skype or Facetime, campaign staff will help set it up.
  • If you can, collect content to share on social media. Take a picture of the room, or of the attendees with Kate.
  • If you decide to share social content, don’t forget to tag Kate (@KateMarieGraham) and the Ontario Liberal Party (@OntLiberal). You can also include the following hashtags: #CoffeewithKate, #Kateforleader, #TeamKate, #ONpoli
  • Encourage people to visit the website to sign-up to volunteer for Kate, donate to the campaign or simply express their support. 

Post Event

  • Send an email thanking them for attending. Feel free to follow up personally should you wish.
  • Make sure to pass along to the campaign any sign-up sheets or membership forms that have been filled out.  

Recommended Event Format

The format of the event is up to you, but we've included a template in the appendix you can choose to follow.

  • Arrival - People come in and mingle/meet each other.
  • Host welcome remarks - Local host welcomes guests, sets the context for the event (purpose is to learn about Kate, and share ideas on how we can change the party and provincial politics). 
  • Discussion/ Audience Q&A - This is where you can engage your guests on some of the issues that matter to them. To help guide the discussion, here are a few questions based on some of the key areas that are important to the campaign:
         * Empowering local communities: How can we empower local communities? What can we achieve by doing so.
         * Strengthening democracy in Ontario: How would you describe the state of democracy in Ontario? How can it be improved? How can we strengthen it?
         * Fighting climate change: How is climate change affecting your life right now, or how can you see it impacting your life in the future? What kinds of things would you like to see done to fight climate change?
         * Creating opportunity and prosperity for all Ontarians: In what areas do you see people in your community falling behind? What more can we do to help families, students, and seniors? 
  • Calls to Action – Thank people for participating and give them a few calls to action. 
         * Encourage people to sign up as OLP members
         * Ask if people are interested in volunteering with the campaign. If so, make sure you collect their contact information (you can use the sign up sheet in Appendix C if you wish). 
         * You can also ask if people are interested in becoming delegates for Kate at the upcoming leadership convention in March.
         * Ask for donations to Kate’s campaign. Donations can be made here: https://www.kateforleader.ca/donate
         * Ask attendees if they know other people who might be interested in getting involved in the campaign.
  • Informal discussion and mingling 

Talking about Kate

At the beginning of your event, it is usually helpful to set some context for your guests. Feel free to script your own speaking notes, but typically remarks follow this format:

  • Thank people for attending
  • Explain that this is an opportunity for people to meet and talk about the issues impacting them, the Ontario Liberal Party, and province. 
  • Tell people why you are personally supporting Kate Graham for leader. 

It is recommended that you only speak for a few minutes, so feel free to keep your remarks brief.   

We have provided a sample script in this document. See Appendix A and a slide template, Appendix D. 

At the end of the event, thank people for attending, and mention the calls to action listed above. 

If you want more tips on how to talk about Kate, see our "Talking About Kate" page. 

How to promote your event 

We have provided invite copy that you can use in emails or in a direct message on social media. See Appendix B.

As mentioned above, here are some recommended social media hashtags you can use should you wish to post about your event with Kate: #CoffeewithKate, #Kateforleader, #TeamKate, #ONpoli. And don’t forget to tag Kate (@KateMarieGraham) and the Ontario Liberal Party (@OntLiberal).

Next steps

Once you have successfully hosted your event (congratulations!), follow up with your guests, thank them for attending and encourage them to continue their involvement in the campaign and the Liberal Party of Ontario.

We also encourage you to get more involved in the campaign, by either hosting future events, or by becoming a delegate for the campaign at the leadership convention in March.

Contact information

If you have any questions about hosting an event, or need additional information, feel free to contact the campaign’s events team at [email protected]


Below is a sample script and email invite copy. These are meant to serve as suggestions only. Feel free to use, edit, or not use as you see fit.