Stay Connected


Kate is based in London, Ontario but her team is spread across the province. We stay connected through a variety of virtual and physical places, and as a new member of Team Kate, we'd love you to join.

Here are four quick steps you can follow to become an engaged member of the campaign. 

1. Register as a volunteer: 

In case you haven't already, make sure you're registered as a volunteer on the website at or this will make sure you get notifications about upcoming calls, rallies and volunteer opportunities. 

2. Team Kate Slack: 

Slack is essentially a chat room for the whole team. Its work spaces allow us to organize our communications by channels for group discussions and allows for private messages to share information, files, and more all in one place. Remember anything in a public channel should be considered public, so keep that in mind when you post and share. 

Getting Started with Slack:

  • When you join a workspace, Slack will guide you through the process of setting up your account. We’ll ask you to enter your full name, a display name, and a password so you can sign in and out with ease.
  • Building out your Slack profile with fun facts and a clear profile photo will help other people in your workspace learn more about you.
  • Find and join relevant channels to make sure you’re getting all the info you need. There are regional channels for london-region, toronto-region, hamilton-region etc. and channels for fundraising, messaging, delegates, etc. 
  • Sometimes, direct messages are necessary to carry on a conversation outside of a channel with a specific person or groups of people. Learn how to access and start direct messages in your workspace.

3. Volunteer Orientation Calls: 

Whether you're an experienced political volunteer or a first-timer, attending or watching a volunteer orientation call is a great way to meet Kate, members of the team, other volunteers, and to find out what specialist roles the campaign is looking for right now.

You can find and RSVP to all of the upcoming volunteer calls on this calendar. Generally, volunteer orientation calls will be every two weeks and are a great place to ask questions and share ideas.

4. Weekly Team Kate Calls: 

Once you've attended a volunteer orientation call you can sign-up here to get regular invitations to the Weekly All Team calls. On these calls core team members share updates, calls to action, and information about what's coming up for the campaign in the weeks ahead. Unlike the Volunteer Orientation calls there isn't an opportunity to ask questions, but you can always ask in Slack.