Talking about Kate


Talking about Kate as part of an event or informally at your school, work or with friends is a great way to get people on board. Here are a few talking points and resources to get you started. More announcements about policies and plans will be released throughout the campaign. Make sure you're connected with the campaign for updates. 

About Kate

Kate is a community builder who believes that when people come together, anything is possible. 

The daughter of two teachers, Kate was born and raised in Southwestern Ontario. Growing up in Exeter, later moving to London where she now lives.

Kate Graham teaches, studies, and writes about politics at Western University, King’s University College, and Huron University College. She is a Fellow at the Centre for Urban Policy and Local Governance at Western, working to strengthen the leadership of Canada's communities.

Before entering academia, Kate spent a decade working as a public servant: most recently as the Director of Community & Economic Innovation where she was responsible for the City of London's government relations, strategic initiatives, culture and economic partnerships portfolios, and was the youngest member of the city’s Senior Leadership Team.

Read Kate's full story here

Kate's Vision

Kate's vision, documented here, is to make Ontario a place where every single person is living a happy, healthy life, where they can achieve their big dreams. The 4 main focus areas are: 

  1. Empowering Ontarians where they live
  2. Creating good, meaningful jobs
  3. Becoming carbon neutral
  4. Making life more affordable

Make sure you're connected to the team as a volunteer to be the first to access new updates and information.

Tell your story

A great to way to help spread the word about Kate's vision is to share your own story about how you came to support her campaign. There is no right or wrong answers (or stories) here. It's just you sharing your own reasons as to why you think she will make a great leader, and (hopefully) eventual Premier.

If you're thinking of how you can gather some of your friends, family, and/or neighbours, check out our Event Kit page, it can walk you through some tips of how you can get organized.  

Videos & Social Channels

If you're looking for some content to share with your networks, below are some links to Kate's social profiles and her first video.