Kate's Vision: Focus on Well-being

We aspire to an Ontario where every single person is living a happy, healthy life, where they can achieve their big dreams. 

This leadership contest is about putting forward a vision for Ontario that will move our province forward and inspire people to believe in politics and get involved.

The vision for Ontario that Kate is putting forward is about well-being. It’s about improving the standard of living of all Ontarians, so that they are fulfilled, healthy and successful.

Ontario is one of the richest places in the world, and our economy continues to grow. Yet, as evidenced by how so many Ontarians feel, growth by itself isn’t enough - not when it isn't shared, when it isn't used to ensure we all have a better life.

We need a made-in-Ontario approach to well-being, which will mean doing things differently in our great province. It’s not enough to outline where we want to go: it matters how we make it happen.

We want to see a government that gets us there by listening to people, by collaborating widely to solve hard problems, and by giving people the tools they need to have a meaningful impact on the issues they care about.

Our four well-being priorities demonstrate a broadened definition of prosperity for our province:

1. Empowering Ontarians where they live

We need to empower people to make choices that work for them, where they are.

Ontario is a province of very different places and experiences: that’s what makes us great. We can harness that fully when we recognize that communities are best positioned to implement solutions that make sense in their context.


2. Creating good, meaningful jobs

Ontarians’ quality of life is fundamentally shaped by the work we do and the conditions in which we do it: we need jobs that generate both wealth and meaning.

While Ontario’s unemployment rate is currently low, that does not tell the full story. We need more good jobs, we need more of the right jobs, and we need more rewarding jobs.


3. Becoming carbon neutral

Emission reducing job production is the key to the new global economy.

Our collective action on reducing carbon needs to match the scale of the climate crisis we are facing. It is not enough to champion “the green sector”: we need to support all of our sectors to become green.


4. Making life more affordable

We need to make sure all Ontarians can afford to live the kind of life that they value.

Ontario is one of the most prosperous provinces in one of the most prosperous countries on earth. Yet so many people still feel like they can barely get by. We need to make sure we have the means to not only get by, but to live the lives we aspire to live. We need to make sure our money takes us farther and incomes continue to rise, faster for those at the bottom than at the top.



You can click here to download a PDF with our vision for Ontario, including how we propose to measure success. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be announcing policy goals that support these four priorities.

Specific policies

To make this vision a reality, we are proposing a series of specific policies that reinforce each of the well-being priorities. Read more about these here.