What will I need to do to become a delegate?


Becoming a delegate to the convention is similar to running your own personal campaign. Here are the steps:

1) Become a member of the Ontario Liberal Party. Sign up online at https://ontarioliberal.ca/become-a-member/. Only members of the party are eligible to be delegates.

The cost of a membership is $10/2 years for youth (14 to 25 years old), $20/2 years for adults or $10/2 years for seniors (65 or older).

2) Convince as many friends, family members, coworkers or other people you know to become members of the Ontario Liberal Party in order to vote for you and for Kate Graham at the local leadership election meeting. We suggest aiming for 20 people. Only people who are members before 2 Dec 2019 are eligible to vote in the local leadership election meetings.

3) Ask each of these people to visit www.kateforleader.ca/vote to let us know that they will be supporting you as a delegate and Kate Graham as leader of the party. Once we have their contact information, we will be able to send them important information about the process and reminders about important dates and meetings. This is a very important step!

They can become a member of the Ontario Liberal Party online at https://ontarioliberal.ca/become-a-member/?pcd=leadership-78272

Why 20 people? You want to aim for 20 people supporting Kate for leader and you personally as a delegate because not everyone will be able to attend and vote in the local leadership election. The dates of the leadership election meetings are not known yet (they will be either Feb 8th or 9th, 2020), but there is always a possibility that someone will be out of town or has to work on the day of the local leadership election meeting. So you want to aim high.

The more people you convince to join the party and support you and Kate Graham at the local leadership election meeting, the better your chances of becoming a delegate to the convention!

4) Submit your intent to stand as a delegate form to the Ontario Liberal Party. We will send you a reminder about this step in the process once the forms are available.

5) Once the date of the leadership election meeting is known (either Feb 8th or 9th), personally follow up with the people you convinced to join the party to make sure they know about and are planning to attend the meeting. We'll also connect you with other people who are standing as delegates in your riding or club to form a #TeamKate slate, and help you organize an effort to get out the vote on the day of the leadership election meeting.